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AB Amber Grid social responsibility policy

AB Amber Grid, as Lithuania’s natural gas transmission system operator responsible for a safe and reliable natural gas transmission to all system users, for  the operation, maintenance and development of the natural gas infrastructure, in the implementation of its strategic objectives, is consistently  following  socially responsible and transparent business principles. AB Amber Grid is implementing its social responsibility through targeted activities in the following areas:

Socially responsible activities in the market

  • Safe and reliable natural gas transmission  to system users;
  • Creating conditions for  the development of a competitive gas market;
  • Promotion of ethical, transparent and honest cooperation with customers and suppliers;
  • Zero tolerance to corruption.

Social responsibility in the field of environmental protection

  • Continuous improvement of the corporate environmental protection management system and minimizing the Company's negative environmental footprint;
  • Making an efficient and rational use of material resources necessary for the operations, and application of preventive measures to reduce their cost;
  • Cooperation and information exchange with partners involved in the Company's activities, with state authorities and other stakeholders and institutions in joint efforts to improve the human working environment and other environment.

Social responsibility in relations with employees

  • Application of advanced performance management and reward systems;
  • Creating conditions for employees’ personal and professional development and development of their  general competencies;
  • Ensuring safe and healthy working conditions, paying special attention to workers' health protection, disease prevention as well as promotion of physical activity;
  • Ensuring equal rights of all people, complying with the ban on discrimination based on age, gender, origin or beliefs.

Social responsibility in public relations

  • Cooperation with universities and  facilitation of students’ internships  at the Company;
  • Collaboration with communities aiming to contribute to social development and welfare;
  • Promotion and support to the Company's employees’ volunteering for public benefit.

AB Amber Grid seeks to achieve that all existing and new persons involved in AB Amber Grid’s activities would also follow the established principles.


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