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Decision to pay dividends

The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of AB Amber Grid held on 24 April 2018 decided to pay dividends in amount of EUR 20,299,930 or EUR 0.1138 per share. Persons will be entitled to receive the dividend where they will be the Company's shareholders at the end of the Shareholders Rights Record Date, i.e. 9 May 2018.

Securities accounting and dividends payment procedure

AB Amber Grid signed an agreement with AB SEB bankas regarding accounting of securities issued by the Company, payment of dividends to the Company’s small shareholders as well as provision of other services related thereto.
AB Amber Grid shareholders entitled to receive approved dividends should apply to AB SEB bankas. The bank should be informed about the details of the bank account where must be transferred shareholders dividends. To provide this information to the bank shareholder must present personal identification documents. For a list of branches of AB SEB Bankas, click here.
For additional information on payout of the dividends please contact AB SEB bank by phone +370 5 268 1528.

Dividend policy

This is to notify that on 22 August 2017 the management board of AB Amber Grid decided to join the UAB EPSO-G company group dividend policy and apply directly in full extend.

Dividend policy of AB Amber Grid

  2018 2017  2016 2015

Dividends per share for the current year, EUR

0.029 0.1138 0.1173 0.0717

Total amount of dividens paid out, EUR thousand

5,226 20,300 20,928 12,782



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