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Amber Grid strategy 2030

In mid-2021 the new Amber Grid‘s strategy up to 2030 was approved. The main objective set in the new strategy is to work together on the way of Lithuanian energy system‘s transformation towards climate neutral economy. The gas transportation system – the main gas pipelines and the gas distribution, accounting and compressor stations form an integral part of the Lithuanian energy system which plays a very important role in creating climate neutrality and a cleaner and safer future at the same time. 
We are prepared to transform the natural gas system in order to convert it to the secure transportation of renewable energy sources – biomethane and hydrogen mix and pure green hydrogen, and to integrate the system into the common European market to create an efficient and transparent platform which will enable the state to hold the new European Green Deal and consumers will be able to use clean energy at best prices.
Our role in green transformation is:
  • to ensure technological adaptation of the system to green hydrogen
  • organise the market
  • guarantee the identification of origin of green energy
  • transmit large quantities of energy within and beyond Lithuania
Value for stakeholders is the axis of the new strategy. Five stakeholders are in the focus of our attention: customers, producers and suppliers, shareholders, the society and employees. The Company is committed to create value for each of them.
We will take sustainable actions to reduce our impact on climate change:
  • all electricity we consume will be produced from renewables 
  • we gradually replace our fleet with clean vehicles
  • green procurements account for the significant part of public procurements we carry out
  • we will reduce our environmental footprint by 60 per cent by 2030
Amber Grid mission
  • To develop the system that enables competition and the use of climate-friendly energy.
For each stakeholder, we have defined obligations and the unifying mission thus identifying the main purpose as long-term obligations to the stakeholders. 
Amber Grid vision
  • An environmentally friendly, innovative energy company in the integrated European gas network. 
Priorities have been identified for all stakeholders, and common vision for a 10-year period has been formulated.
Please see the Amber Grid Strategy 2030 here.


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