Natural Gas Transmission System Operator

About us

AB Amber Grid is a company in charge of the operation of Lithuania's Natural Gas Transmission System. The Company's mission is to ensure an effective development of the transmission system, to secure a reliable gas transmission process, to make an active contribution  to the development of an integrated European gas transmission system, and to create conditions for the development of a competitive gas market – all this in order to safeguard national strategic interests.

In view of the importance of AB Amber Grid's operations to Lithuania's people, environment and economy, in its activities the Company follows the principles of prevention, security and environmental sustainability and assumes the following commitments:

  • in the process of the implementation of the Company's strategy, to continuously improve the systems for environmental protection, occupational safety and health management, to ensure adequate levels of environmental protection, occupational safety and health of the Company's employees;
  • to make a continuous assessment of the Company's operations' any negative impacts on the environment, health and safety of employees and other persons involved in the Company's operations,  on public health and safety situation; and with the help of cost-effective measures to minimise any such impacts.
  • make an efficient and rational use of any material resources necessary for the Company's operations and to apply preventive measures aimed at the minimisation of cost thereof;
  • to implement any applicable legislative provisions, requirements imposed by international standards as well as other requirements applicable to the Company, to follow them, to develop and educate employees as well as other persons involved in the Company's operations;
  • to cooperate and exchange information with partners that are involved in the Company's activities, with public authorities and other stakeholders and institutions,   through concerted efforts seeking to improve  the human work environment as well as other environment;
  • to carry out a continuous monitoring of any and all commitments that have been assumed and subject the effectiveness of any measures that are being applied to assessment.

These Policies shall be mandatory to any and all existing and new persons that are involved in AB Amber Grid's operations.

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