Following the Construction Contract which entered into force on 30/12/2019, the construction of the GIPL gas interconnection began immediately. We invite you to get acquainted with the progress of this construction work.


On 02/01/2020, the beginning of the construction work was announced. The pipelines' route was marked, a searched for explosives in the pipeline construction area began, archaeological exploration and other works necessary for the start of construction began. For more information.
On 13/01/2020, steel pipes from Poland started to be transported to the construction site. For more information.
During January:
  • Marked 80 km of pipeline’s route.
  • Transported 14 km of pipes.
  • 5 km of pipes were put along the pipeline’s route.
  • 1 km of pipes were welded.
  • Orders were placed for foreign manufacturers to produce taps, the launching and receiving chambers for the monitoring device and other materials required for the pipeline construction that need more time to manufacture.


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