Natural Gas Transmission System Operator

About us

AB Amber Grid vision

Innovative energy company in the integrated European gas network.

  • Innovative – applying advanced methods and techniques, which allow working faster, more efficiently, offering innovative solutions to customers and partners.
  • Integrated European gas network – when the Baltic and the European gas markets both having access to the global LNG market are interconnected by physical infrastructure as well as well-functioning market and infrastructure rules, enabling easy and flexible gas transportation and trade.

AB Amber Grid mission

We provide effective and reliable gas transmission, we create favourable conditions for competition in the gas market and for the development of renewable energy sources.

  • Effectively – we pursue the best results working efficiently and optimizing our operating processes.
  • Reliably – we transport gas to our customers safely and without any unplanned interruptions.
  • Conditions favourable for competition – we work for the conditions of the use of the transmission system and the services provided to be flexible and convenient for the existing and new gas market players, allowing to easily obtain gas from various sources.  
  • Development of renewable energy sources – by administering the register of “green” gas guarantees of origin and with other initiatives, we seek for the development of production and trade of gas from renewable energy sources.

 Please find attached the Company's Corporate Strategy for 2017-2022 here.

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