Natural Gas Transmission System Operator
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Kotlovka GMS (to Lithuania) 3,942.21 MWh
Kiemenai GMS (to Lithuania) 0.00 MWh triangle
Kiemenai GMS (to Latvia) 0.00 MWh triangle
Klaipeda GMS (to Lithuania) 3,251.28 MWh
Sakiai GMS (to Kaliningrad Region) 4,165.70 MWh
Santaka GMS (to Lithuania) 0.00 MWh triangle
Santaka GMS (to Poland) 1,061.68 MWh triangle
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Data updated: 2022-12-03 19:00

In this map it is given the actual hourly gas flow in the entrance and exit of a transmission system points - gas metering stations (GMS). 

Gas transmission service is provided after the operator receives a gas transportation order - nomination. Such orders must be submitted every day by system users who have purchased transmission system capacities and intend to use them - to transport gas through the Lithuanian transmission system, including gas transit to Kaliningrad. If nomination is sent for the smaller amount of gas, the transportation service is provided according to the quantities specified in the order.
The volume of the inlet of gas for transit to Kaliningrad at the Kotlovka GMS often differs from the outlet volume at the Šakiai GMS for technological reasons, balancing the flow and pressure parameters of two different systems. Although hourly gas volumes can fluctuate, physical daily and longer-term gas volumes are delivered to Kaliningrad as they arrive at the Kotlovka GMS for further transit.
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