11 10.2019
Gas consumption in Lithuania has grown by 10%, increased gas transmission to the Baltics

Within three quarters of 2019, gas consumption in Lithuania has increased by 10 percent, and under favorable conditions in the international gas market, gas transmission to the neighboring Baltic States has almost doubled.

10 10.2019
New Prices for Natural Gas Transmission Services that will come into effect from 1 January 2020

On 10 October 2019, the National Energy Regulatory Council approved AB Amber Grid natural gas transmission services tariffs that will come into effect from 1 January 2020.

New prices for natural gas transmission services are published here.

09 10.2019
Amber Grid digitizes half of the gas transmission system valves

Amber Grid is investing in the reliability and remote control of gas pipelines valves. Once the project will be implemented, half of the valve units in the company's transmission system will be controlled remotely, and the necessary data will be transmitted to the system SCADA. The total value of the Project – EUR 9 million (exclusive of VAT), half of the funds has been drawn in from the EU structural funds.

07 10.2019
The European Commission will finance the construction works of Lithuanian-Latvian gas pipeline capacity enhancement project

The Innovation and Networks Executive Agencies (INEA) under the European Commission approved allocation of funds for the implementation of Lithuanian-Latvian gas pipeline capacity enhancement project.  It is planned that the total investment for this project will amount to EUR 10.2 million.

24 09.2019
Natural gas transmission services prices will reduce in 2020 – Amber Grid Board has set transmission services prices

On the 23rd of September Amber Grid Board set the natural gas transmission prices for 2020. The approved natural gas transmission service prices have been submitted to the National Energy Regulatory Council (NERC) for evaluation.

In 2020, the average price of transmission services for the needs of Lithuanian consumers (considering long-term and short-term services), compared to the average price in 2019, will fall on average by slightly more than 16% - to 1.22 EUR / MWh.


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