28 05.2020
New Prices for Gas Transmission Services for 2021 Are Set


The National Energy Regulatory Council approved Amber Grid gas transmission services tariffs that will come into effect from 1 January 2021.


22 05.2020
Amber Grid secures European support for reconstruction of the gas pipeline between Vilnius and Kaunas

Amber Grid has signed an agreement with the Lithuanian Business Support Agency under which European Union support will be allocated for the reconstruction of 18 km of sections of the Vilnius–Kaunas gas pipeline. 

20 05.2020
Amber Grid has set gas transmission services prices for 2021

Having regard to the revenue cap set by the National Energy Regulatory Council (NERC), the Board of Amber Grid set the natural gas transmission prices for 2021 and submitted it to NERC for evaluation.

19 05.2020
Experts will analyse on how to expand commercial use of GIPL interconnection in Europe

Given the changes in gas markets and energy as a whole that are taking place in Europe, as well as integration processes, taking reference to the latest data, experts started analysing the perspective of the economic and commercial benefits of the international GIPL gas pipeline in a pan-European context.

06 05.2020
Amber Grid earns EUR 13.6 million in revenue during Q1 2020

During the first quarter of this year, gas transmission system operator Amber Grid earned EUR 13.6 million in revenue, compared to EUR 15 million over the same period last year. The level of revenue as well as profitability was most affected by the 16 per cent lower transmission service tariff for system users that has been applied since the beginning of the year, as well as the decreased demand for gas transmission due to the unusually warm weather, especially in the heat production sector.

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