25 05.2017
Due to operational efficiency raising efforts Amber Grid remains profitable also in the first quarter of this year

Lithuania’s natural gas transmission system operator, AB Amber Grid, reports a decline in its revenue and profit as compared to the same quarter of last year. The decline was due to the recent changes in the transmission service structure, as well as by the fact that the transmission service prices applicable this year were set at a lower level after the estimate of the surplus revenue of previous periods.

26 04.2017
Transmission capacity allocation between countries will be more effective

The natural gas transmission system operators of the Baltic countries – AB Amber Grid (Lithuania), Connexus Baltic Grid AS (Latvia), and Elering AS (Estonia) – have signed agreements on transmission capacity allocation at connection points between the three Baltic countries.

25 04.2017
Shareholders approved AB Amber Grid operating results and distributed the earnings

The Ordinary Meeting of Shareholders of AB Amber Grid has approved the Company's operating audited results for the year 2016, which did not vary from the preliminary ones that were announced in the begining of the year. The Meeting also approved the Financial statements and the Annual Report.

07 03.2017
EPSO-G group’s strategy : strategic projects, regional development and efficiency

On Tuesday, EPSO-G group, which controls the country’s energy transmission and exchange infrastructure, presented its five-year strategy, which outlines the key activities for a period until 2022. The strategy includes the Group’s financial targets and goals.

23 02.2017
Positive financial performance of AB Amber Grid in 2016 was driven by a considerable increase of income

In 2016 an increased demand for services of Lithuanian natural gas transmission system operator AB Amber Grid has determined a significant growth of income and operational profit of the Company, respectfully. Reported results are preliminary and unaudited.

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