Natural Gas Transmission System Operator
30 06.2022
Consolidated Maintenance Works plan of Baltic - Finnish region for the period from October 2022 to December 2023

Gas transmission system operators Gasgrid Finland Oy, Elering AS, AS Conexus Baltic Grid and AB Amber Grid (TSOs) have jointly prepared the Consolidated Maintenance Works plan of Baltic - Finnish region for the period from October 2022 to December 2023. The maintenance works plan contains scheduled maintenance works of gas transmission system and Inčukalns Underground Gas Storage and capacities offered to the market participants.

17 06.2022
Components installed in GIPL pipeline are suitable and the pipeline operates reliably


On Friday, news portal published an article about the construction of the GIPL gas pipeline interconnector with Poland and materials used during the construction. The publication discusses the likelihood that some components used in the construction may have been defective. Already on 21 March this year, Amber Grid announced through the Nasdaq exchange that they have performed the investigation and found that the connecting components used in the construction of the GIPL between Lithuania and Poland were in conformity with the design, regulatory requirements and were suitable The investigation was launched in mid-February after receiving the information about allegedly inadequate certificates for the components.

16 06.2022
Five potential hydrogen supply corridors to meet Europe’s accelerated 2030 hydrogen goals are published

Amber Grid, together with European gas transmission system operators, has analysed and set out a vision to accelerate the development of a European hydrogen network by 2030. Five potential large-scale hydrogen supply corridors in Europe have been envisaged and announced by the European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) initiative. The corridors will initially connect domestic local supply and demand in Europe, before expanding & connecting European regions and neighbouring countries with low-cost hydrogen export potential. 

09 06.2022
Amber Grid starts the reconstruction of Kėdainiai, Vievis and Grigiškės gas distribution stations

Amber Grid has signed three contracts for the reconstruction of gas distribution stations in Kėdainiai, Vievis and Grigiškės. The total value of the contracts with MT Group, the successful tenderer in a public tender, is EUR 7.6 million. 

01 06.2022
Amber Grid sustainability results: 13% reduction in emissions and 50% savings in electricity costs generating green energy

Amber Grid published annual Sustainability Report, which provides an overview of its sustainability objectives and results for the past year. The state-owned company, responsible for the safe and reliable transport of natural gas in Lithuania and neighbouring countries, has been active in taking care of reducing its environmental impact, fostered relations with local communities during the implementation of the strategic GIPL gas interconnection project between Lithuania and Poland, and supported the company’s employees during the pandemic by creating favourable working conditions.

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