22 10.2020
Connection of the GIPL gas pipeline to the operating system will finalise two the most complex building stages - on third of works will be remaining

The gas interconnection GIPL that will integrate the Baltic and Finnish gas systems to the Western Europe is connected to the Lithuanian gas transmission system. Adhering to the safety requirements and controlling the growing COVID-19 risk, 60 per cent of the GIPL construction works is planned to be completed this year.

19 10.2020
The volume of gas transmission services provided by Amber Grid to the EU gas market has been growing by nearly one fifth

Lithuanian gas transmission system operator Amber Grid transported nearly 26 terawatt-hours (TWh) natural gas, excluding gas transmitted to Kaliningrad, through Lithuania to Baltic Region consumers in January-September, 2020. It is 17.6 per cent more than in 2019, when 21.2 TWh natural gas was transported into Lithuania during the same period. Gas consumption in Lithuania was also growing. 

09 10.2020
GIPL gas interconnection underwent the first tests

Implementing the GIPL project to interconnect the gas system of Lithuania, Baltic States and Finland with Europe, the quality of the first lot of the new gas interconnection was tested. The pipeline underwent hydraulic tests to ensure it can sustain maximum designed pressure loads. The working pressure of the GIPL gas pipeline will be 54 bar.

01 10.2020
Amber Grid: NERC has approved a forward-looking 10-year gas transmission network development plan

The ten-year gas transmission network development plan prepared by the Lithuanian gas transmission system operator Amber Grid was approved today by the National Energy Regulatory Council (NERC). During 2020-2029 there are plans to implement gas transmission system development investment projects aimed at diversifying gas supply sources in Lithuania and the region and ensuring the reliability of the gas transmission system.

01 10.2020
Regarding Lithuania‘s Ten-Year Gas Transmission Network Development Plan

On 1st October 2020, the National Energy Regulatory Council approved Natural Gas Transmission System Operator's Amber Grid Ten-Year Network Development Plan for 2020-2029.

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