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24 01.2023
Amber Grid: Last year gas consumption in Lithuania dropped by more than a third

In 2022, Lithuania consumed 15.6 terawatt-hours (TWh) of gas, that is, 35% less than in 2021, when the country’s gas demand reached 24 TWh, according to data from Amber Grid, the operator of the gas transmission system. Gas consumption decreased by more than a third as high gas prices led to a significant drop in fertiliser production in the country and electricity generation at Lithuanian power plants, as well as because of a warm winter and the decision to use mazut for heating Vilnius. 

16 01.2023
Gas supply capacity to Latvia fully restored after gas pipeline repairs in Pasvalys district
Following the repair of a damaged main gas pipeline in Pasvalys district and inspection of adjacent sections, gas supply capacity to Latvia was fully restored at 13:30 on Monday. Gas transmission capacity has been restored to its pre-incident level of up to 90 gigawatt hours (GWh) per day. The gas transmission system is operating normally and gas consumers have not been inconvenienced by the pipeline incident.
16 01.2023
Amber Grid consistently maintains gas pipelines, ensures system security

Following the incident that occurred on Friday in the main gas pipeline in Pasvalys district, the gas pipeline restoration works were carried out this weekend. In parallel, adjacent sections of the pipeline were checked. X-ray examination of the welds showed that the pipeline is safe to operate. The gas supply to Latvia through the pipeline is scheduled to be restored on Monday.

15 01.2023
Amber Grid restored damaged gas pipeline in Pasvalys district, nearby gas pipeline sections to be inspected

Gas transmission system operator Amber Grid have replaced a section of a gas pipeline damaged in an incident in Pasvalys district. 

13 01.2023
An incident on a gas pipeline in Pasvalys district has been localised

On Friday, January 13 an incident in the Pasvalys district in the northern part of Lithuania on gas pipeline of Amber Grid was localised. According to initial data, no people were injured in the incident. The gas ignited during the incident and stopped burning after about 4 hours.

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