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31 03.2020
Regarding an amendment of lending and borrowing contract

AB Amber Grid informs that on 31st of March 2020 concluded with UAB EPSO-G an amendment of the lending and borrowing contract concluded between UAB EPSO-G and the Company on 27th of March 2019. 

24 03.2020
Regarding Audit Committee opinion

Amber Grid (hereafter, the Company) hereby informs that on 23rd of March 2020 UAB EPSO-G Audit Committee (which also acts as Company‘s Audit Committee) expressed an opinion about the amendment of the contract which Company is willing to conclude with UAB EPSO-G regarding the lending and borrowing contract signed on 27th of March 2019. 

28 02.2020
Regarding Judgment of the Court

AB Amber Grid hereby informs that on 28th February 2020 District Court of Vilnius Region delivered judgment in the case under the claim of UAB MT Group regarding decisions of the GIPL procurement commission. The Court maintained results of tender of the construction of GIPL.

20 02.2020
Regarding Dividend policy of AB Amber Grid

On 20 February 2020 the Board of AB Amber Grid decided to join the UAB EPSO-G company group updated dividend policy and apply directly in full extend.

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