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Annual Information of AB Amber Grid for year 2021
On 20th April, 2022 during the Ordinary General Meeting of Amber Grid Shareholders the Consolidated and separate financial statements and the consolidated annual report for year 2021 has been approved. 
Key financial indicators for 2021:
• Revenue – EUR 68.6 million (the year 2020 – EUR 52.3 million);
• EBITDA– EUR 35.4 million (the year 2020 – EUR 26.1 million);
• Net profit – EUR 23.2 million (the year 2020 – EUR 18.2 million).
The General Meeting of Shareholders also approved the distribution of profits of AB Amber Grid for 2021.
1. Amber Grid consolidated and separate financial statements, consolidated annual report for 2021, approval of responsible persons, independent auditor's report;
2. Amber Grid profit allocation for 2021. 
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