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Annual Information of Amber Grid for 2020
AB Amber Grid, legal entity code: 303090867. Address: Savanorių pr. 28, LT-03116 Vilnius, Lithuania.
On 23th April, 2021 during the Ordinary General Meeting of Amber Grid Shareholders the Consolidated and separate financial statements and the consolidated annual report and 
for year 2020 has been approved.
Key audited financial indicators for 2020:
• Revenue – EUR 52.3 million (2019 - EUR 55.6 million);
• EBITDA - EUR 26.1 million (2019 - EUR 25.2 million);
• Net profit – EUR 18.2 million (EUR 12.6 million in 2019).
Amber Grid has prepared and published financial statements and annual report in ESEF format, inserting XHTML format marking. This marking complies with the specifications of Inline XBRL set out in Annex III to Regulation 2018/815.
The General Meeting of Shareholders approved the proposal of the Board of Amber Grid to keep the distributable profit in the company, taking into account that the company is implementing a large-scale strategic gas interconnection project GIPL between Lithuania and Poland. 
The Company also prepared Social Responsibility Report for the year 2020 which is included in the annexes of the material event.
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