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Concerning the opinion of the Audit Committee

The Lithuanian natural gas transmission system operator AB Amber Grid hereby notifies that the Audit Committee stated that the terms and conditions of the agreement planned to be concluded between UAB EPSO-G and UAB GET Baltic regarding lending and borrowing services via cashpool are reasonable and fair with regard to the shareholders of AB Amber Grid who are not parties to UAB GET Baltic and UAB EPSO-G transactions, because the conclusion of UAB GET Baltic and EPSO-G transactions are in line with market conditions and will have a positive impact on AB Amber Grid dividends.

The Board of UAB GET Baltic will address the conclusion of the agreement on 28 February 2019.

The EPSO-G intra group borrowing via cashpool is aimed at more efficient treasury management. It provides an alternative option for short term borrowing from credit institutions and scales down expenses of financial activities.


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