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The audit committee's opinion on the transaction with the related party
Lithuanian natural gas transmission system operator AB Amber Grid (hereinafter – Amber Grid) informs that on 26 October 2021 the opinion of the Audit Committee of the parent company UAB EPSO-G‘s was received regarding the intended special trucks rent transaction with the related party UAB TETAS.
After assessing all the information provided by Amber Grid, the Audit Committee of UAB EPSO-G, in accordance with Article 37 (2) of the Law on Companies of the Republic of Lithuania, provides an opinion on the intended special trucks rent transaction of Amber Grid with UAB TETAS (hereinafter - Transaction):
• The conclusion of the Transaction is in line with market conditions;
• The Transaction is fair and reasonable to Amber Grid shareholders who are not service counterparty, as it will provide services aimed at optimizing operations and increasing efficiency through a wider use of limited resources using them more effectively.
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