AB Amber Grid's Natural Gas Transmission System is Fully Prepared for Intake of Gas Supplies from the LNG Terminal

Today, 3 December 2014, marks the launch of operations of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Facility in Klaipeda. Gas supplies from the LNG Terminal to the Lithuanian Natural Gas System come through the Transmission System Entry Point, which connects the Transmission System with the LNG Terminal in Klaipeda. Prior to the official commissioning of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Facility in Klaipeda, which was scheduled for 3 December 2014, Lithuania's Natural Gas Transmission System Operator, AB Amber Grid, has tested the Natural Gas Transmission System in various modes and got fully prepared for the intake of gas supplies coming from the LNG Terminal.

"It is the first time that natural gas is supplied to the Lithuanian Transmission System from an alternative source. It is a significant step towards regional integration and towards the formation of a unified and competitive gas market of the Baltic States. With the launch of the operations of the Terminal, the first supplies of natural gas have already been started to be transported to the Gas Transmission Systems of other Baltic States" - said Saulius Bilys, General Manager of AB Amber Grid.

AB Amber Grid is also implementing a number of large-scale infrastructure projects necessary for the formation of the regional gas market of the Baltic States. The projects are: Capacity Enhancement of Klaipeda - Kiemenai Pipeline, Gas Interconnection Poland - Lithuania, and Capacity Enhancement of Latvia - Lithuania Gas Interconnection. These transmission system development projects of regional significance are important for the attainment of the EU gas sector strategic development objectives.

Background Information on AB Amber Grid

The Gas Transmission System Operator, AB Amber Grid, is a Lithuanian company of national strategic importance. The company is responsible for transmission of natural gas, for operation and maintenance of Lithuania’s Gas Transmission Pipeline System, for securing safe and reliable operations and development of the Gas Transmission System.

A total of 96.58 per cent of AB Amber Grid shares are owned by EPSO-G, a company controlled by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania.

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