AB Lietuvos Dujos material event: CORRECTION: Notice regarding changing the accounting records of the AB Lietuvos Dujos shares
The information hereunder was posted by AB Lietuvos Dujos, which carried out natural gas transmission activities before the establishment of AB Amber Grid. 

We hereby inform that ISIN code of shares of AB Amber Grid is LT0000128696. Please disregard ISIN code of AB Amber Grid published in announcement of material event on 11 of July 2013.

AB Lietuvos Dujos hereby informs that, in pursuance with actions provided in Terms and Conditions of the spin-off that was approved by shareholders of AB Lietuvos Dujos, due to unbundling of transmission activity to the newly established AB Amber Grid, on 2nd of July 2013, the accounting records of ordinary registered shares of AB Lietuvos Dujos were processed and from the previously registered issue of ordinary registered shares, the size of which was 469,068,254 (four hundred and sixty nine million, sixty eight thousand two hundred fifty four) ordinary registered shares, an issue of AB Amber Grid, totaling 178,382,514 (one hundred and seventy eight million, three hundred eighty two thousand five hundred fourteen) ordinary registered shares, was separated.

Since 2nd of July 2013, the shares issue of AB Lietuvos Dujos consists of 290,685,740 (two hundred and ninety million, six hundred and eighty five thousand, seven hundred and forty) ordinary registered shares with the nominal value of LTL 1 Lt (one litas).

We hereby inform that after the issues separation the VP ISIN code of AB Lietuvos Dujos remains unchanged – LT0000116220. We also inform that the general securities account of AB Amber Grid has been opened, the shares of AB Amber Grid (VP ISIN code - LT0000128696) are accounted at securities accounts opened with their managers.

AB Amber Grid has submitted an application to include the AB Amber Grid shares to the stock exchange from August 1, 2013.

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