Amber Grid's ten-year (2018-2027) network development plan accepted

On August 23 National Commission for Energy Control and Prices (NCECP) approved the network development plan of the Natural Gas Transmission System Operator for the ten years (2018-2027) developed by Amber Grid.

The ten-year plan includes investments in gas transmission system development aimed to achieve the strategic goals of EU and Lithuanian natural gas sector, that is to ensure the security and reliability of gas supply, promoting competitiveness, integrating the Baltic gas markets into the common European gas market, and developing a single Baltic gas market.

Amber Grid’s Network development plan of 2018-2027 foresees the implementation of the following strategic gas infrastructure projects:

  • it is planned to build a gas pipeline link between Poland and Lithuania by the end of 2021, together with the Polish Gas Transmission System Operator. The aim of this project is to integrate the gas markets of the Baltic States into the common European gas market, diversify gas supply sources and increase gas supply security;
  • it is planned to implement a project to increase the gas pipeline link between Lithuania and Latvia in co-operation with the Latvian Gas Transmission System Operator. The funds needed for the implementation of the project and the implementation deadlines will be clear in 2018, after completing the project feasibility study.

In addition to the strategic infrastructure projects, the development plan includes investments in the development, rehabilitation and modernization of the transmission system, which will increase the security of natural gas supply, reliability of the existing transmission system capacity. Part of these investments are financed from the European Union structural funds.

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