Conclusion of agreements on the co-funding of projects implemented by AB Amber Grid

On 1 March 2016, AB Amber Grid and the Lithuanian Business Support Agency signed a number of agreements on various projects co-financed with the European Union (EU) structural funds.

Under these agreements, eight natural gas transmission infrastructure projects implemented by the AB Amber Grid were granted financial assistance of the EU of up to EUR 14.6 million under the EU investment funds action programme for 2014-2020. Total value of the projects is up to EUR 29.2 million.

The projects cover modernisation of gas transmission pipelines, gas distribution stations, Panevežys Gas Compressor Station through the installation of smart infrastructure elements; installation of software and technological equipment required to ensure efficient operation and control of the transmission system and other works. The projects are scheduled for completion by the second quarter of 2019.

These priority projects are aimed at the assurance of the security and reliability of natural gas transmission system and are part of the National Electricity and Natural Gas Transmission Infrastructure Projects Implementation Plan endorsed by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.


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