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Gas Transmission System Operators (TSOs) of the BEMIP region publish the third edition of their Gas Regional Investment Plan

TSOs of the BEMIP region are pleased to release their Gas Regional Investment Plan 2017 (BEMIP GRIP 2017), which covers the planned investment projects within a 10-year period from 2017 to 2026. It is the third edition of this regional statement on long-term gas infrastructure development and related topics.

BEMIP GRIP provides an outlook of the development of the regional gas market, an update on regional  initiatives  and  highlights  the  changes  since  the  release  of  the  second  edition  of  BEMIP GRIP  in  May  2014.

BEMIP GRIP 2017 maintains the same framework as the previous edition, providing a description of the region’s gas markets, an analysis of expected developments of grid-related gas demand and supply and the potential contribution of infrastructure projects to these developments. In addition, it focuses on the development of the off-grid area and small scale LNG services.

The document also provides an update of regional initiatives in both the Eastern and Western Baltic regions. The GRIP provides results of modelling gas supply (accomplished by ENTSOG) in possible disruption cases in the region. The BEMIP GRIP 2017 presents a detailed analysis of the impact of the enlisted gas infrastructure projects on the development of the region’s gas market.

The BEMIP GRIP 2017 is available on the ENTSOG website and the websites of the BEMIP Region TSOs.

This GRIP was coordinated by the Finnish natural gas TSO, Gasum Ltd. Should you have  any  comments  or  require  any  further  information,  please  contact  the  BEMIP GRIP  coordinators
Mr. Ari Suomilammi (ari.suomilammi@gasum.com)
Mr. Esa Hallivuori (esa.hallivuori@gasum.com)

Editorial notes
The BEMIP region for this GRIP comprises 7 countries and TSOs.
Countries and TSO’s: Energinet DK (Denmark), Elering AS (Estonia), Gasum Ltd (Finland), AS Conexus Baltic Grid (Latvia), AB Amber Grid(Lithuania), GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. (Poland) and Swedegas AB (Sweden).

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