Gas supplies to Lithuania’s consumers are stable

Lithuania's natural gas transmission system operator, AB Amber Grid, informs that Lithuania's natural gas transmission system is fully balanced and that gas transportation to Lithuania’s gas transmission system users is being carried out according to the demand expressed by the gas transmission system users themselves. There have been no instances whatsoever of any gas supply disruptions or any flow restrictions of the natural gas supplies imported to Lithuania. All the transit gas flows are being transported applying the normal mode. The Company makes it a point to continuously monitor and control the mode of gas supplies coming to Lithuania.

Background information on AB Amber Grid
Lithuania's gas transmission system operator, AB Amber Grid, is a company of strategic importance to national security. Its responsibilities cover transmission of natural gas, operation and maintenance of Lithuania’s gas transmission pipelines, including ensuring safe and reliable operations of Lithuania’s gas transmission system and its development. AB Amber Grid is 96.58 percent owned by EPSO-G, a company controlled by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania.

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