Natural Gas Transmission System Operator
16 03.2015
AB Amber Grid: as regards the payment of the LNG terminal funds, we make no exceptions for anyone

Having exhausted all alternative statutory legal instruments available, on 16 March 2015, Lithuania's natural gas transmission system operator, AB Amber Grid, applied to the court for the award of AB Achema's debt and late payment interest amount accrued resulting from AB Achema's failure to make a timely payment of the natural gas supply security-related additional price component which is charged in order to ensure the functioning of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal.

27 02.2015
Unaudited Results of Operations of AB Amber Grid for the Full Year 2014

Acting pursuant to applicable regulatory provisions of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuania's Natural Gas Transmission System Operator, AB Amber Grid, released its unaudited operating results for the full year 2014.

13 01.2015
The National Control Commission for Prices and Energy appraised AB Amber Grid's compliance with the EU Third Energy Package provisions

On 13 January 2015, the National Control Commission for Prices and Energy (hereinafter – the NCCPE) issued a statement which reads that the unbundling of AB Amber Grid's transmission activity complies with the Republic of Lithuania Law on Natural Gas (which implements provisions of the EU Third Energy Package) and that AB Amber Grid may be designated as a Transmission System Operator.

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