Natural Gas Transmission System Operator
25 05.2018
Agreement Signed on the Feasibility Study of Enhancement of Latvia-Lithuania Interconnection Project

Lithuanian natural gas transmission system operator Amber Grid and Latvian natural gas transmission system operator Conexus Baltic Grid have signed a trilateral agreement with the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) on financing the feasibility study of the enhancement of capacity of the gas transmission pipeline interconnection between Latvia and Lithuania from the EU Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). The EU support earmarked for the study is up to EUR 175,000. 

24 05.2018
Green light is on for a strategic gas pipeline between Lithuania and Poland

Lithuanian and Polish gas transmission system operators (TSOs) AB Amber Grid and GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. have signed a grid Connection Agreement on Thursday to invest into Gas Interconnection Poland-Lithuania (GIPL) thus starting a construction stage of the project.

18 05.2018
Agreement Defines GIPL Cost Allocation

Transmission System Operators of the Baltic States and Poland have signed an agreement on the Gas Interconnection Poland Lithuania project cross-border cost allocation.

16 05.2018
Amber Grid earned EUR 5.2 million net profit in Q1 2018

Lithuania’s natural gas transmission system operator AB Amber Grid reports a decline of 19 pct in its revenue as compared to the same quarter of last year, though the amount of gas transmitted was bigger. The decline was due to the fact that the regulated transmission service prices applicable this year were set at an average 36.5 pct lower level for the Lithuanian users of transmission system. The net profit shrank by 36 pct in the quarter.

19 03.2018
Agreement signed to carry out feasibility study for the enhancement of Latvia-Lithuania interconnection

Lithuanian gas transmission system operator AB Amber Grid and Latvian gas transmission system operator Conexus Baltic Grid AS has signed an agreement with an independent expert company EY to carry out both feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis for the Enhancement of Latvia-Lithuania Interconnection. Expert company was selected in an international tender.

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