Submission of re-nominations at interconnection point with Latvian natural gas transmission system is available

AB Amber Grid and Latvian natural gas transmission system operator AS ‘Conexus Baltic Grid’ have agreed on submissions of re-nominations at Kiemėnai interconnection point. System users are able to send re-nominations for transmitting gas through Kiemėnai entry and exit points. For submitting the re-nominations at Kiemėnai entry and exit, all the provisions of AB Amber Grid Rules for Access to the Natural Gas Transmission System are applied. In addition to that, system users have to follow those rules:
1. Signed re-nomination could be submitted only via e-mail. The form of re-nomination you can download here.
2. Re-nominations should be submitted to both e-mail addresses:
a., and
3. If re-nomination is submitted during AB Amber Grid non-working hours, AB Amber Grid will inform system user about approval, rejection or adjustment of re-nomination not later than the 9:00 of the next working day.

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