12 02.2020
The first kilometres of the gas interconnection with Poland GIPL have been welded

To ensure timely implementation of the project of the gas interconnection Lithuania and Poland, during the first six working weeks, the first kilometres of the gas pipeline have been welded. One tenth of the gas pipeline lot to be constructed this year is planned to be welded in February. 



06 02.2020
Earnings of Amber Grid in 2019 were nearly EUR 55 million

According to the unaudited data, gas transmission system operator Amber Grid together with its owned gas exchange GET Baltic earned EUR 54.8 million in 2019. It is 0.4 per cent more than in 2018.

27 01.2020
Amber Grid to become an electricity producing consumer using solar energy for its own needs

Amber Grid will become a solar energy producing consumer and will produce almost one half of the electricity for own needs from renewable energy sources (RES). The company intends to install in its territory solar power plants totalling approx. 1400 kW by the autumn of 2021.

14 01.2020
The first pipes for the gas interconnection with Poland have been brought to Lithuania

Following the commencement of the construction of the gas interconnection with Poland by Amber Grid, the first pipes delivered to Lithuania have been accepted. Consistent efforts are exerted to ensure gas will start flowing through them by the deadline established in the project, i.e. end of 2021.

10 01.2020
In 2019, Lithuania transported the highest ever recorded amount of gas to the Baltic States

Gas transmission to the Baltic States increased 2.6-fold last year and reached almost 6 TWh of gas. The flow of gas to Latvia and Estonia made a fifth (20%) of the total amount of the introduced gas intended for consumers in Lithuania and the other Baltic States.

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