Natural Gas Transmission System Operator
08 06.2021
Preparation of national hydrogen development guidelines is planned

To ensure rapid transition of the Lithuanian economy to renewable energy and green transformation in various sectors of the country's economy, the Ministry of Energy initiated preparation of the study of application and development of the new renewable energy source - hydrogen (H2).

21 05.2021
Announcing a public consultation on Amber Grid rules for access to the natural gas transmission system and AB Amber Grid rules for natural gas transmission system balancing

In order to ensure that the right to use the natural gas transmission system operated by AB Amber Grid is granted objectively and fairly, without discrimination between individual network users, and taking into account the emergence of the new Lithuanian-Polish gas interconnection - GIPL, as well as to harmonise the provisions of the rules with the rules applicable in the Latvian and Estonian gas market area, we are submitting to public consultation AB Amber Grid draft Rules for Access to the Natural Gas Transmission System and AB Amber Grid draft Rules for Natural Gas Transmission System Balancing of AB Amber Grid.

18 05.2021
Amber Grid proposes to apply lower prices for gas transmission services for 2022

For 2022, Amber Grid proposes to set for Lithuanian consumers a significantly reduced average price for gas transmission services. 

05 05.2021
Amber Grid revenue for the first quarter of 2021 has reached EUR 19.2 million
Amber Grid, the gas transmission system operator, saw its revenues in the first quarter of 2021 grow to EUR 19.2 million, or 41% more than in the same period last year, when the revenues from gas transmission services amounted to EUR 13.6 million. The main contributor to the revenue, as well as to profitability, was the significant increase in gas demand due to the cold winter and the consequent higher gas consumption in the heat and power production sectors.  
03 05.2021
Amber Grid is to invest EUR 4 million in upgrading gas pipelines, half of the funds to be allocated from EU support funds

Amber Grid, the gas transmission system operator, has signed an agreement with the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LVPA) to reconstruct above-ground and underground sections of high-pressure trunk gas pipelines in various parts of Lithuania. The contract also opens up the possibility to increase the technological advancement of the pipeline by installing innovative infrastructure elements such as corrosion rate sensors. 

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