Natural Gas Transmission System Operator
AB Amber Grid network development plan focuses on encouraging competition in gas market

On 29 September 2016, the National Commission for Energy Control and Prices approved the network development plan of AB Amber Grid for a ten-year period (2016–2025).

The value of investments in the gas transmission system expansion projects envisaged for the upcoming decade amounts to EUR 195 million.

“Amber Grid's priority is making investments in the areas that are strategic for the company: creation and assurance of gas supply alternatives, encouragement of competition in the gas market, and active contribution to the establishment of the integrated European gas transmission system. We are confident that the investments planned by the company will enable us to effectively respond to expected changes in the market”, said Saulius Bilys, CEO of AB Amber Grid.

The plan envisages the key natural gas transmission system expansion projects – the gas interconnection Poland–Lithuania (GIPL) project and increase of the capacity of the gas interconnection Lithuania–Latvia – will enable further diversification of gas supply sources, integrate Lithuania and other Baltic countries in the common gas market of the European Union, and enhance gas supply security. Also, using the funds provided by European Structural Funds, AB Amber Grid intends to implement advanced natural gas transmission infrastructure facilities, which will ensure even more efficient management of natural gas flows, safe and reliable transmission of gas to system users, and reduction of pollutant emissions.

It is predicted that in the upcoming decade, gas consumption in Lithuania will decrease by 6-8%. However, cross-border gas flows to other Baltic countries are expected to increase, and it will become possible to transport gas in new directions through the gas interconnection between Poland and Lithuania.

The ten-year network development plan of the transmission system operator has been drawn up with regard to the provisions of state strategic documents, needs of gas market players, assurance of supply reliability and effective operation of the transmission system, strategy of the company, environmental policy of the company, and regulatory requirements.


Background Information on AB Amber Grid

The natural gas transmission system operator, AB Amber Grid, ensures reliable and safe natural gas transmission (transportation through high-pressure gas pipelines) to system users and the operation, maintenance and development of the natural gas transmission infrastructure facilities. Shares of AB Amber Grid are listed on the Secondary List of the Stock Exchange NASDAQ Vilnius. AB Amber Grid's control stake is held by the parent company, UAB EPSO-G, which also controls the controlling interest in the electricity transmission system operator, AB LITGRID, and the energy exchange operator, UAB BALTPOOL. UAB EPSO-G, which is 100-percent controlled by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania, is in charge of the implementation of Lithuania's gas and electricity infrastructure strategic development goals, projects for the integration into the EU energy markets, and seeks to implement the EU's Energy Union goals.


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