Natural Gas Transmission System Operator
Activities of AB Amber Grid to be assessed in Europe

The Lithuanian natural gas transmission system operator AB Amber Grid has received high rating in Europe. AB Amber Grid was nominated among the seven finalists in the European gas industry awards – European Gas Awards of Excellence – organised for the fourth time.

The winners in 4 different gas industry categories will be announced at the 8th European gas conference to be held in Vienna (Austria), on January 27-29, 2015.

Other candidates to the nomination of the best in the Natural Gas Transmission System Operators category, along with Amber Grid, are Fluxys (Belgium), Gasunie (Netherlands), Eustream (Slovakia), SNAM RETE GAS (Italy), Gas Connect Austria (Austria), and NET4GAS (Czech Republic).

Candidates for winners in four different categories are elected by 9 gas industry experts.

While assessing the transmission system operators, the experts attach great importance to the safety and reliability of gas supply operational efficiency, balanced financials and other indicators.

“We appreciate such a high estimate among the Europe's natural gas transmission system operators. It is also a big challenge to continue to implement the changes necessary to ensure the diversification of gas supply, to provide quality service to our customers and successfully implement gas infrastructure projects significant for the region, to enable the Baltic gas market participants not only to import significantly larger amount of gas through the LNG terminal, but also to participate in the European gas market, after the integration of the Polish and the Baltic gas systems. Infrastructure development by joint efforts will create new opportunities for consumers, and increase the competitiveness of the gas market”, says Saulius Bilys, the CEO of AB Amber Grid.

Gas transmission system operator AB Amber Grid is a company of strategic importance to the national security of Lithuania, responsible for transmission of natural gas and operation of gas transmission pipelines, for safe and reliable performance and development of the gas transmission system.

AB Amber Grid is engaged in three gas infrastructure projects that are included in the first list of projects of common to the European Union announced by the European Commission on 14 October 2013. These include the gas pipeline link between Poland and Lithuania, capacity increase of Klaipėda–Kiemėnai pipeline and capacity increase of the gas pipeline interconnection between Latvia and Lithuania.

These transmission system development projects of regional significance are important for the strategic development objectives of the EU gas sector, in integrating the isolated gas markets of the Baltic countries into the EU gas market, diversification of gas supply sources and ensuring the security of gas supply.

A total 96.58 per cent of AB Amber Grid shares are owned by EPSO-G, a company controlled by the Ministry of Energy.

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