Amber Grid modernized the gas distribution stations for the total of EUR 4 million, and plans reconstruction of new objects

The natural gas transmission system operator Amber Grid that operates and maintains over 2,000 kilometres of gas pipelines and 65 gas distribution stations consistently invests in the efficiency, reliability and safety of the Lithuanian main gas pipeline. In view of the modern requirements, two gas distribution stations in Alytus and Jonava were renovated. The value of these projects is EUR 4 million exclusive of VAT, half of which was allocated from the European Union Structural Funds.

According to Andrius Dagys, the Technical Director of Amber Grid, about 60% of Lithuania's natural gas transmission infrastructure was built more than 25 years ago. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in the renovation of pipelines and gas distribution stations, and investment will continue.
“Our aim is to ensure the change of the Lithuanian gas transmission system, that it is modern and adapted to today's gas consumption needs. Integration into the European gas system, the creation of a common Baltic gas market also obliges us to ensure proper quality of the gas transmission network. Proper maintenance of the infrastructure leads to human security, reduced environmental pollution, security of supply and lower network maintenance costs”, says Andrius Dagys, the Technical Director of Amber Grid.
The modernized gas distribution stations in Alytus and Jonava cities were installed in new buildings, which were equipped with advanced technological equipment, including gas pressure reducers, gas metering devices, automated control, remote data transmission and alarm systems. This helped reduce the likelihood of accidents and malfunctions. New electrical and grounding equipment was installed, the territory was cleaned up and works of landscaping were carried out.
The fertilizer company Achema, which is the largest gas consumer in Lithuania, is also supplied with a part of gas through the modernized gas distribution station in Jonava. Thanks to the installed equipment of optimal capacity it is possible to use the funds allocated for reconstruction more efficiently. There are plans to renew the gas distribution stations in Šiauliai and Telšiai cities and the gas accounting station Mažeikiai in 2020–2022. The new projects are aimed at ensuring the proper functioning of the gas infrastructure and optimizing the costs of maintaining the infrastructure.
Gas metering and gas pressure reduction to the pressure required by the system user represent the main purpose of the gas distribution stations. Other important technological processes, such as gas purification, warming up and odorisation, also take place at the station. Most of the gas distribution stations in the Lithuanian transmission network are new or have already been reconstructed.


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