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Amber Grid unveils renewed brand and marks a new phase in the green transformation
After announcing operational strategy until 2030 and committing to steering the company’s actions and investments toward a green transformation and reducing its environmental impact by two-thirds over the next ten years, gas transmission system operator Amber Grid has now reshaped its brand and moved its headquarters to new premises.  
“Since the establishment of the Lithuanian gas transmission system operator eight years ago, Amber Grid has gone a long way toward consolidating Lithuania’s energy independence – it organised the infrastructure and market by transmitting gas from the Klaipėda LNG terminal, and is currently completing implementation of the GIPL gas interconnection project with Poland that has been in the planning for decades. We are now entering a new phase of green energy and rework strategies, action plans and social commitments in order to adapt the infrastructure to green gas and achieve climate change targets. The company’s renewed brand reflects the values that the operator follows and justifies our decision to work more sustainably and with less impact on the environment. The symbol of the renewed brand, which has retained its amber shape, is transformed into green amber created by nature”, says Amber Grid CEO Nemunas Biknius.
Without changing the name of the company, the renewed brand symbolises a greater focus on operations in the region, quality planning, network security and transformation. The new logo symbol stays true to its roots – stylised amber – but accommodates modern design trends and bespeaks the company’s steps toward more sustainable energy. The new visual identity reflects the changes in the company’s activities. 
In updating its visual style, the company followed the principle of the ecobranding movement, where colours which require fewer resources to reproduce in the digital space are used. Less ink is also used for printing. Conserving energy and natural resources reinforces the company’s promise to move along the path of green energy.
Keeping the same company name, the revamp of the Amber Grid logo and visual style is planned to be done gradually, saving costs: the means where the logo is used will be replaced when they wear out, and next year a new website will be developed for the operator, focusing on clearer and more attractive information about the company’s activities, the presentation of data about the transmission system that is relevant to the business environment, and the development of digital customer services. 
The next phase of the company’s activities is also marked by the relocation of the Amber Grid headquarters to new premises. At the beginning of October, a quarter of the employees will start working at the Business Garden Vilnius business centre located on Laisvės Prospektas in Vilnius. The most important factors in choosing the office were the energy efficiency of the building, efficient use of the office space, compliance with modern office standards, a modern work environment that will motivate current and future employees, and access to the benefits of office complexes, such as conference centres, car parks, EV charging points and bicycle storage. 
About Amber Grid:
We ensure reliable and safe transmission of natural gas through high-pressure gas pipelines, and are responsible for the maintenance and development of the Lithuanian gas transmission infrastructure, which consists of a 2,100 km gas pipeline network and two gas compressor stations. We are implementing the strategic GIPL gas interconnection project with Poland. We are working to achieve the decarbonisation targets set for the gas sector and are actively involved in the green transformation by adapting the Lithuanian gas transmission system for the transportation of green gas, including hydrogen.
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