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GIPL gas pipeline section between Lithuania and Poland laid
While implementing the international GIPL gas interconnection project, the contractors laying the gas pipeline in Lithuania and Poland have accomplished planned works at the border of these countries. A pre-welded GIPL gas pipeline section has been laid between Lithuania and Poland while performing coordinated works, and this section will subsequently be connected to the parts of the new gas pipeline laid in both countries. These works have been performed in winter in accordance with the environmental requirements not to disturb the bird population who will nest in spring.
“Laying a small gas pipeline section across the Lithuanian-Polish border while preserving nature is another step towards interconnecting gas pipelines, which marks the progress of the GIPL project. Thanks to the persistent effort of Amber Grid professionals and partners implementing the project, we can already see a clear outlook of project completion,” says Nemunas Biknius, CEO of the Lithuanian gas transmission system operator Amber Grid. 
The 50 metre gas pipeline section across the Lithuanian-Polish border has been simultaneously laid by the contractors of both countries. To date, a total of 126 kilometres of the gas pipeline have already been laid and welded in Lithuania, and the project is planned to be accomplished by the end of this year. 
“The GIPL works schedule is very tight; therefore, the works never stop – we cannot afford such a luxury. We have been constantly assessing the situation and adjusting the project works schedule in order to accomplish this interconnection that is important for Lithuania’s energy independence as soon as possible,” states Tomas Šidlauskas, CEO of UAB Alvora working on Lithuania’s side.
The construction of Santaka gas metering and pressure regulation station at the Lithuanian-Polish border has already gained pace. The foundation and technological equipment installation works are planned to start in February, and the State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate will have to approve completion of the construction of the gas metering and pressure regulation station at the end of this year.
A section of 17 kilometres, running from the gas metering station to the Polish border, which (like the entire GIPL gas pipeline) has been laid by UAB Alvora is estimated to operate at a higher pressure than is currently used in Lithuania. The pipes laid across the Lithuanian-Polish border and the induction elbow have been supplied by the Polish natural gas transmission system operator Gaz-System. Testing of the newly laid section will also be carried out by a contractor employed by Gaz-System.
165 kilometres of the gas pipeline interconnection between Lithuania and Polish, planned to be accomplished by the end of 2021, will connect the Baltic and Finnish gas markets to the European Union system. This project will not only integrate the Baltic and Finnish gas supply systems into the single EU gas market, but will also increase gas trading liquidity in the areas of the said countries and enhance their regional roles.
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