Natural Gas Transmission System Operator
National Energy Regulatory Council approved the new version of the Rules for Access to the Natural Gas Transmission System

National Energy Regulatory Council has approved a new version of AB Amber Grid Rules for Access to the Natural Gas Transmission System on 28th November 2019. The rules can be downloaded here.

The main changes in the Rules are related to the application of implicit capacity allocation method for the within-day capacities: the possibility to allocate the within-day capacities by the implicit capacity allocation method right after the approval of nominations, the amendment is analogous to the solutions in the Latvian and Estonian gas market area.
Also, in order to simplify the use of the LNG entry point, the submission of nominations at the entry point of the LNG terminal system point has been changed by determining that nominations will only need to be submitted to the LNG Terminal Operator. The gas allocation rules at the interconnection point with a third country has been determined in cases where there is no contract between adjacent transmission system operators and / or Network users that provides for a operational balancing account.
The new version of the Rules will apply from 1st January 2020.


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