Natural Gas Transmission System Operator
Natural gas transmission and distribution price caps adjusted, the LNG Terminal-related Extra Tariff Component set
The information hereunder was posted by AB Lietuvos Dujos, which carried out natural gas transmission activities before the establishment of AB Amber Grid.

Today, on 25 October 2012, the National Control Commission for Prices and Energy (hereinafter referred to as the “NCCPE”) set the newly adjusted AB Lietuvos Dujos natural gas transmission and distribution price caps (effective from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2013) and approved the adjusted version of AB Lietuvos Dujos long-term programme (for 2009–2013) of investments in gas transmission and distribution systems. The natural gas transmission price cap (effective from 1 January 2013) was set at LTL 44.26* / 1000 m3, and the natural gas distribution price cap was set at LTL 179.33 / 1000 m3.

Following the price caps that were set by the NCCPE, the Board of Directors of AB Lietuvos Dujos will subsequently adopt its decision regarding the specific natural gas transmission and distribution service tariffs (effective from 1 January 2013). Then the tariffs will be submitted to the NCCPE for review and final approval.

On 25 October 2012, the NCCPE also set the Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal (hereinafter referred to as the “LNGT”)-related extra tariff component for the year 2013 to cover part of the costs of the installation of the facilities and the connector of the prospective LNGT. The aforesaid tariff component was set at LTL 37.53 / 1000 m3. According to the Description of procedures for the administration of funds allocated to cover the costs (or part thereof) related to the construction and operation of the Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal, the LNGT infrastructure and connector (as adopted by the NCCPE), from 2013, the LNGT funds (based on the aforesaid LNGT-extra tariff component) will have to be paid by all users of the Gas Transmission System. According to the Law on the Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal, the entity appointed in charge of the administration of the LNGT funds, the Transmission System Operator – AB Lietuvos Dujos, will collect the LNGT funds and transfer them to the beneficiary – the company that was appointed by the Government to implement the LNGT Project (AB Klaipedos Nafta).

* LTL 3.45 = EUR 1

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