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25 10.2022
36% less gas consumed in Lithuania in nine months compared to last year
Lithuania’s gas demand has decreased significantly, but gas flows through the country’s transmission system have increased. Although the gas price curve on European exchanges has been moving downwards recently, this is due to the extremely high gas price this year and the need for timely gas supplies from countries with access to the Lithuanian gas transmission system. 
20 10.2022
GIPL pipeline connecting Lithuania and Poland successfully tested at maximum capacity

The GIPL pipeline connecting the Lithuanian and Polish gas transmission networks has been tested at maximum capacity. Two tests were carried out to make sure that the pipeline can transmit the full gas flow in accordance with the technical parameters of the GIPL construction without any disturbances. 

19 10.2022
Amber Grid and DS-1 sign a EUR 3.7 million contract for the reconstruction of gas pipelines

Amber Grid has signed a EUR 3.7 million contract with DS-1 for the reconstruction of gas pipelines in various areas of Lithuania. The upgraded pipelines will also be equipped with innovative infrastructure elements: corrosion sensors. 

27 09.2022
Poland-Denmark Baltic Pipe gas pipeline coming into operation will increase security of gas supply in the region and Lithuania

The Baltic Pipe gas pipeline link between Poland and Denmark, which will become operational in a few days, was officially opened in Poland. The pipeline, which will bring gas from Norway to Poland, will significantly strengthen the security of gas supply across the region, including Lithuania. 

22 09.2022
Amber Grid shareholders to decide on contracts for the reconstruction of the Vilnius-Kaunas main gas pipeline
Amber Grid plans to sign contract agreements for the reconstruction of the Vilnius-Kaunas main gas pipeline. The General Meeting of Shareholders of the company will be held on 14 October to approve these contracts.
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