Natural Gas Transmission System Operator
19 09.2019
Amber Grid will participate in the development of a common European framework for the exchange between states in Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin

In creating conditions for the development of green gas in Lithuania, the natural gas transmission system operator Amber Grid joins a European Association developing a European system for exchange between states of Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin – the ERGaR (European Renewable Gas Registry).

25 07.2019
Amber Grid signed the agreement with a Polish company Izostal which is the successful tenderer of the public tender procedure for the purchase of pipes for the GIPL interconnection

Today Lithuanian natural gas transmission system operator Amber Grid entered into the agreement with a Polish company Izostal S.A. for the purchase of steel pipes to be used for the construction of the international gas pipeline interconnection GIPL. The value of the contract is EUR 26.4 million (exclusive of VAT). The decision to enter into the agreement was approved by the extraordinary general meeting of Amber Grid shareholders that was held on the 23rd of July.


10 07.2019
EU-Funded project to increase the security and resilience of the European gas network

The European gas network forms an integral part of the EU’s energy needs and its plans to meet the carbon reduction figures set out in the Paris Agreement. It already forms a significant role in the energy mix accounting for 22 percent of the energy usage, and with the growth of power-to-gas technologies initiatives, it is expected to grow.

20 06.2019
Competition between LNG and piped gas is beneficial for consumers of the region

As the Baltic market participants use a particularly favourable conjuncture of natural gas prices in Europe, according to the actual traffic data that is made publicly available by Amber Grid, natural gas flow to Latvia in the second week of June exceeded the flows of gas consumption in Lithuania and of transit from Russia to Kaliningrad Region through Lithuania.

22 11.2018
We invite you to get acquainted with the GIPL project and the value that will be created

Here you will find the most important information on the progress of the project, investments, technical data and schedule of the planned works.

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