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21 03.2022
A research conducted by Amber Grid revealed that GIPL pipeline has been fitted with EU certified components

In March, Amber Grid carried out a research which identified that the pipeline fittings used in the construction of the GIPL gas interconnection between Poland and Lithuania comply with the design and legal requirements and are suitable.

28 02.2022
The Poland-Lithuania gas interconnection GIPL will start commercial operations as of 1 May

The construction of the 508 km length pipeline which connects Polish and Lithuanian transmission systems is coming to an end. The Polish and Lithuanian Transmission System Operators (TSOs), i.e. respectively OGP GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and AB Amber Grid decided  that the partial capacity of GIPL pipeline will be available from 1 May 2022. 

24 02.2022
The Lithuanian gas transmission system is stable, safe and works in a normal mode

The gas transmission system operator Amber Grid, which is in charge of transmission of natural gas to the system users, and operation, maintenance and development of the natural gas infrastructure, informs that the transmission of natural gas in Lithuania operates in a normal mode and volume. Gas flows are stable and fulfill customers’ orders.

10 02.2022
Amber Grid signs works contract for project ELLI in preparation for doubling gas transmission capacity between Lithuania and Latvia

As part of consolidating the energy independence and strengthening the Baltic gas market integration, Lithuania is launching another strategic project for the Enhancement of Lithuania–Latvia Interconnection (ELLI). 

04 02.2022
Revenue of Amber Grid reached EUR 68.6 million and investments – EUR 45.8 million in 2021
Gas transmission system operator Amber Grid together with its subsidiary GET Baltic according to pre-audited data, in 2021 earned EUR 68.6 million in consolidated income, which is 31% more than in 2020. 
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