01 10.2020
Amber Grid: NERC has approved a forward-looking 10-year gas transmission network development plan

The ten-year gas transmission network development plan prepared by the Lithuanian gas transmission system operator Amber Grid was approved today by the National Energy Regulatory Council (NERC). During 2020-2029 there are plans to implement gas transmission system development investment projects aimed at diversifying gas supply sources in Lithuania and the region and ensuring the reliability of the gas transmission system.

22 09.2020
Amber Grid is to modernize gas distribution stations near Vilnius and Kėdainiai for EUR 6 million
Amber Grid will upgrade important elements of the system over the next three years, i.e. the Grigiškės, Vievis and Kėdainiai gas distribution stations. This is provided for in the agreement signed with the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LVPA), under which the support of the European Union will be provided. More than EUR 6 million worth project will be implemented by 2023. EU structural funds will finance half of the amount - a bit more than EUR 3 million. 
15 09.2020
A new phase in GIPL project – launch of preparatory work for connection of the pipeline to the transmission system
After completing the directional drilling in September and laying the gas pipes for the Gas Interconnection Poland-Lithuania (GIPL) under the country’s widest rivers on schedule, Amber Grid has begun preparations for the next significant stage of this project – connecting the installed part of the pipeline to the gas transmission system.
07 09.2020
Amber Grid Gas Transmission System has been added to the REGIA map

The regional geoinformational environment REGIA map that was created and developed by the Center of Registers of Lithuania has been supplemented with the information on the main gas transmission system controled by the Gas Transmission System Operator Amber Grid. This information might be relevant for the investors and residents.

02 09.2020
Halfway reached in the implementation of the GIPL project which will connect the Baltic region and Europe

Strategic energy project important for Lithuania and the Baltic region - the construction of the gas interconnection in the territory of Lithuania has already been completed at almost 50 percent planned works. 

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