This is a natural gas infrastructure that will connect Polish and Lithuanian as well as Baltic and Finnish natural gas transmission systems with the the European Union ( EU) system. Natural gas will be transmitted in both directions. The GIPL gas pipeline will run from Jauniūnai Gas Compressor Station (GCS) in Širvintos district to the Hołowczyce GCS on the Polish side. It is planned that the connection between Poland and Lithuania will be established until the end of 2021. GIPL project has been recognised by the European Commission as a Project of Common Interest (PCI).

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The preliminary GIPL project value is EUR 500 million. Investments to infrastructure in the territory of Lithuania will amount to EUR 136 million. EU financial assistance has been provided to prepare Business Case Analysis and  Feasibility Study as well as the preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report of the GIPL Project under the European Commission's Trans-European Energy Networks (TEN-E) program, which made 50% of eligible costs. Following the European Commission's decision of 2014, up to EUR 10.6 million was allocated for preparatory works of the GIPL project and up to EUR 295.4 million for construction works under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). In addition to EU financial support, the construction of the GIPL project will be funded by Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia by a cross-border cost allocation decision covering part of the GIPL infrastructure costs in the territory of Poland - a total of EUR 54.9 million. The rest of the project is funded by the project promoters.

Benefits of the Project

Will integrate gas markets of the Baltic States and Finland into a common EU gas market

Will diversify access to alternative gas supply sources, routes, counterparties and increase of competition

Will increase security and reliability of gas supply – both in terms of additional interconnection capacity and possibility to apply solidarity measures between Member States

Will enable more flexible and efficient use of LNG terminals and transmission infrastructure in Poland and Lithuania

Will enhance liquidity both in Polish and Baltic gas areas and strengthen their regional role


We invite you to get acquainted with the GIPL project and the value that will be created

Here you will find the most important information on the progress of the project, investments, technical data and schedules of the planned works.




GIPL is a natural gas infrastructure that will connect the transmission systems of Poland and Lithuania, and also the Baltic States and Finland with the European Union (EU) system. It will make a significant contribution to ensuring EU energy security.

Briefly about the GIPL project




Public Tender on Acquisition of Steel Pipes for GIPL Launched

On July 18 AB Amber Grid has launched an international tender to acquire steel pipes of the Gas Interconnection Poland-Lithuania (GIPL) in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.


On July 18 AB Amber Grid has launched an international tender to acquire steel pipes of the Gas Interconnection Poland-Lithuania (GIPL) in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.

The Gas Interconnection Poland-Lithuania (GIPL) project is a part of the European Union’s project of common-interest (PCI), which is implemented by AB Amber Grid together with the Polish transmission system operators GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.

The amount of pipes is needed for about of 165 km of pipeline. Applications for participation in this procurement must be submitted until August 24, 10 AM (Vilnius time).

2019 Q2 is provisioned as a start of pipeline construction works in the territory of Lithuania, after international tender is over. GIPL pipeline is planned to be completed and put into operation in December 2021.

The approximate projected length of the pipeline is around 500 km, while 165 km running in the territory of Lithuania. Transmission pipeline will be laid between Jauniūnai compressor station in Širvintos district to the Lithuania-Poland border in Lazdijai District.

When the pipeline is constructed, new capacities will be created allowing to transport gas up to 27 TWh a year to Baltic States and up to 22 TWh a year to Poland, making the gas market of Baltic States a part of common EU gas market.


Project promoters

The project is carried out by Lithuanian and Polish natural gas transmission system operators Amber Grid and GAZ-SYSTEM. The European Commission has recognized the GIPL project as a major infrastructure gas supply security contributing significantly to the EU's energy security.
About AB „Amber Grid“
AB Amber Grid is Lithuanian natural gas transmission system operator. The company is responsible for reliable and safe transmission of gas (it’s transportation by high-pressure
pipelines) to users of the system, as well as for the operation, maintenance and development of the transmission system.
Gas transmission system operator GAZ-SYSTEM is responsible for the transmission of  natural gas and management of transmission network in Poland. It is also the owner of the company  Polskie LNG, the operator of the LNG terminal in Świnoujście.


Technical data

Gas pipeline length

Total gas pipeline lenght both in Lithuania and Poland*

~522 km
*preliminary data

Gas pipeline lenght in Poland

~357 km

Gas pipeline lenght in Lithuania

~165 km

Interconnection capacities

PL->LT  27 TWh/year

(2.4 bcm/year)

LT->PL  21 TWh/year

(1.9 bcm/year)


PL->LT  74 GWh/day

(6.6 mcm/day)

LT->PL  58 GWh/day

(5.2 mcm/day)


Design pressure

in Poland

8.4 MPa

in Lithuania

5.4 MPa

Timeline of the Project

The pipeline is built and operating

Public procurement for consruction works and the pipelines for the construction of the part of the GIPL projects in Lithuania announced

Public procurement of construction works and construction pipelines for the construction of part of the GIPL project in Lithuania announced
Lithuanian and Polish transmission system operators signed a network connection agreement, which confirmed the final decision to invest in the GIPL project and started the pipeline construction phase
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