Natural Gas Transmission System Operator

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Technical capacity Available capacity
Actual gas flows Booked firm and interruptible capacity
Klaipeda GMS (to Lithuania) Kotlovka GMS (to Lithuania) Kiemenai GMS (to Lithuania) Kiemenai GMS (to Latvia) Sakiai GMS (to Kaliningrad Region) A. Paneriai II GM&RS Elektrenai GM&RS Grigiskes GM&RS Jonava GM&RS
Kaunas GM&RS Kedainiai GM&RS Mazeikiai GMS Panevezys GM&RS Siauliai GM&RS Vilnius GM&RS Santaka GMS (to Lithuania) Santaka GMS (to Poland)
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  • Maintenance works schedule
  • In according with legel requirements, that were in force until 31 December 2014, historical data of capacities and gas flows are published in gas volume units at standart reference conditions: at measurement temperature of +20 °C and the pressure of 101.325 kPa.
  • Information about Nominations and Re-nominations submitted by Network Users is available on the ENTSOG Transparency Platform.
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