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The demand for gas produced from renewable energy sources (RES), also known as green gas, recently has showed a strong growth in Europe, and this type of energy has been making its way in Lithuania. The development of green gas market brings Lithuania closer to the task of reducing climate change impacts and becoming the country of green energy. The natural gas transmission system operator Amber Grid supports and contributes and promotes green energy development.

From 1 June 2019, Amber Grid administers the National Register of Guarantees of Origin of gas produced from RES, in other words, performs the functions of issue, transfer and cancel of Guarantees of Origin (GO), and supervises and controls the use of GOs as well as provides the recognition of GOs issued in other countries.

Green gas is produced from biomass and other RES. GO is granted for one unit of energy, i.e. one megawatt-hour (MWh) supplied to the natural gas transmission and distribution network.

The system of GOs allows to identify, register and monitor the origin of green gas produced. The users of this energy can be assured that the gas they use has been produced using RES. This system is important for companies that want to use green energy produced in Lithuania or other European Union country.

Issuing of GOs  
GOs can be issued to the participants registered in the GO registry, for the gas produced from RES and supplied to natural gas networks. GOs can be issued, transferred and canceled electronically. GOs issued by other Member States can also be recognized in Lithuania.
GO registry is administered by Amber Grid. It is used to collect and archive data about producers of green gas, production facilities of green gas GOs granting, transfer and use as well as suppliers of GOs, etc.
Data on the registered participants and monthly reports on the issued GOs are available on the website of Amber Grid during the reporting month. A market participant and Amber Grid are responsible for the correctness of the data.
GO registry user’s fee
Fees applied for GO registry users are published on Amber Grid website.

How to obtain GO?

Registration of producer:

  • Producer having a license to produce gas from RES and willing to acquire GO, shall apply to Amber Grid electronically for registration in the Database (application form)
  • Producer shall provide the license to produce gas from RES
  • Producer shall sign service agreement

Registration of RES gas production device:

  • Producer having a license to produce gas from RES has to register the production device in the GO registry
  • Producer shall apply to Amber Grid for registration of the equipment (application form)
  • Amber Grid shall register production device in the GO registry.

Issuing GO:

  • The GO is granted for one unit of energy - one megawatt-hour (MWh One GO can be issued for each unit of energy produced from RES. The GO has to be used within 12 months from the moment of production of the relevant energy unit. GOs having not been used within the specified period shall be cancelled.
  • Terms and requirements for GO issuing are set our in the Minister of energy order for gas GOs administration.

GO certificate:

  • The certificate is issued to prove to the final customer that a given share or quantity of supplied energy was from renewable sources.

Registration of supplier/trader:

  • Supplier or trader willing to acquire the GO, shall register in Amber Grid GO registry (application form)
  • Supplier or trader shall sign service agreement.

Gas suppliers willing to register in Lithuania the GOs issued by other countries issuing bodies, have to be registered in the Amber Grid Go registry. Gas suppliers or traders shall submit to Amber Grid a free-form application for the recognition of GO issued in other country and submit additional information set out in the Minister of energy order for gas GOs administration.

Administration of GO

Amber Grid is the designated body to perform the functions of issue, transfer and cancelation of GOs of gas produced from RES, as well as recognize in Lithuania the GOs issued in other countries. These GOs rules are binding for gas producers, gas suppliers, gas transmission and distribution system operators as well as other market participants that intend to acquire or have in possession the GOs and submit information to the designated body.

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