/uploads/documents/SGDT/SGDT_2019_prognoze(3).pdfAccording to Article 5(2) of the Law on the Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal, the Transmission System Operator – AB Amber Grid carries out the functions of the administrator of the Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal (hereinafter – LNGT) funds.

Administration of the LNGT funds is executed in accordance with the Description of procedures for the administration of funds allocated to cover the costs (or part thereof) related to the construction and operation of the LNGT, the LNGT infrastructure and connector, adopted by Resolution of the National Control Commission for Prices and Energy No. O3-294 of 9 October, 2012 with its subsequent amendments.

The following data shall be published according to provisions of the Description:  

  1. The forecast of LNGT funds receipts for 2019 (the document is presented in Lithuanian)
  2. Information on distribution rates of the LNGT funds collected in 2019 (the document is presented in Lithuanian)
  3. Costs of the administration of LNGT funds 2019 (the document is presented in Lithuanian)
  4. Summary information of LNGT funds 2019 (the document is presented in Lithuanian)

Collected and outstanding LNGT funds are held in a bank accounts of OP Corporate Bank plc Lithuania branch (Bank’s long-term rating AA- by Standard & Poor’s rating agency).



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