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AB Amber Grid may influence the quality of life of and the environment of communities by its strategic development activities and implementation of projects that are of vital economic importance for the State. Therefore, the Company is entitled to sponsor, from its profit, communities and/or regions in which the projects are implemented.

Such sponsorship can be earmarked for the community‘s/region‘s needs related to education, culture, sport, social services, health care and other welfare areas.

Amber Grid may also sponsor students whose studies are directly related to the Company‘s activities.

Furthermore, the Company encourages its employees’ voluntary unpaid involvement in activities of public or community significance, and may provide sponsorship on this basis.

The underlying principles of sponsorship by the Company shall be as follows:

Compliance with operating objectives. The process of evaluation of sponsorship applications and adoption of sponsorship decisions shall be aimed at ensuring that the funds are received by those beneficiaries whose purposes, duly specified and justified, are most in line with the Company‘s operating objectives and sponsorship criteria.

Transparency and impartiality. The entire process of evaluation of sponsorship applications and adoption of sponsorship decisions shall be implemented according to the highest standards of transparency and impartiality. In cases where evaluation of the application leads, or can potentially lead, to a conflict of interests, the relevant person taking part in the evaluation process (i. e. the Company‘s employee appointed for this purpose and/or member of the Company‘s collegiate body participating in the decision-adoption process (the ‘Employee‘) shall withdraw from the evaluation of the application and the adoption of decision. Such withdrawal shall be recorded in the minutes of the meetings held for the consideration of the application.

Equality. The same clear and understandable evaluation criteria shall be applied in the evaluation of all the applications received, and no discrimination shall be allowed. Decisions on sponsoring specific projects shall be well-founded.

Balance between confidentiality and publicity. Both prior to and during the evaluation of an application, confidentially of the person applying for sponsorship (the ‘Applicant‘) and the data contained in the application shall be ensured, and such data shall only be used for evaluation purposes. After a positive decision on sponsorship is taken, detailed information on the sponsorship shall be published on the Company‘s website and by other methods as appropriate. Any collusion on confidentiality that restricts the publication of information on the sponsorship shall be prohibited.

The share of the Company‘s profit allotted for sponsorship shall be determined on an annual basis, at a general meeting of shareholders of the Company; an appropriate reserve shall be formed based on the reporting year‘s profit and projects implemented by the Company. The share of profit allotted for sponsorship shall not exceed 1% (one percent) of the financial year‘s net profit and, in any case, shall not exceed EUR 50,000, with maximum 10% (ten percent) of this amount allotted to the activities stated below.

The Company shall sponsor activities which will benefit society, along the following lines: 

  • Developing cooperation with communities near which the Company carries out/implements its activities and projects;
  • Educational activities – persons studying under university and other higher education programmes closely related to the Company‘s activities;
  • Activities implementing the Company‘s projects;
  • Supporting and joining activities in which the employees are voluntarily involved in order to contribute to the attainment of public/local community objectives.

The Company shall not sponsor the following activities and funds allotted by the Company as sponsorship shall not be used for such activities:

  • Financing of political parties or political campaigns – neither directly nor indirectly (through other legal or natural persons);
  • Payment of debt obligations that participants of political campaigns have incurred during such campaigns or which are related to such campaigns;
  • Charity and support funds established by politicians or parties related thereto ;
  • Legal persons who have failed to properly implement or have breached any sponsorship agreement concluded with any company of EPSO-G UAB Group (the ‘Group‘), or with another sponsors, and this fact has been established. Prior to sponsoring, the Company shall verify that the beneficiary has not breached any sponsorship agreement with a company of the Group based on the information published by the latter;
  • Activities that promote or are related to gambling/gaming, alcoholic drinks, tobacco or other intoxicating substances and any other activities that have or can have a negative societal impact.

Please find more on sponsorship policy here.

Request application form can be found here (in Lithuanian). Please send this request application form filled-in via email:

The Company didn't sponsor any activity in 2017 and 2018. 

The Company didn't sponsor any activity in 2021.

Investing in the most in-demand future specialities Amber Grid has signed a cooperation agreement with „Vilnius Gediminas technical university“ (VILNIUS TECH) and “Panevėžio kolegija“ in 2022 and has allocated scholarships for engineering students. The aim of this step is to address the issue of attracting specialists needed for the transformation of the Lithuanian energy sector. 

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