Natural Gas Transmission System Operator

The Natural Gas Transmission System is comprised of gas transmission pipelines, gas compressor stations, gas metering and distribution stations, gas pipeline corrosion protection systems, and remote data transmission and telecommunication systems. At present, the Lithuania's Gas Transmission System is interconnected with the natural gas transmission systems of the Republic of Belarus, Republic of Latvia, Kaliningrad Region of Russian Federation and Klaipeda Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal (hereinafter reffered to as LNG Terminal). At present, Lithuania's natural gas supplies are imported via Klaipeda LNG Terminal and from Russia – mostly supplied in transit via Belarus, and, in certain cases, also via Latvia.

Being the Operator of the Gas Transmission System, AB Amber Grid is responsible for safe and reliable operations of the Lithuania's gas transmission system as well as for the system development. At the present time, ambitious transmission system development project of regional importance 'The gas interconnection Poland–Lithuania (GIPL)' oriented toward the goals of development of the EU gas sector is underway. This project is on the EU-wide List of Projects of Common Interest. For the time being, preparatory works for the implementation of the project are in progress. 

In cooperation with the Polish Gas Transmission System Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A., AB Amber Grid is carrying out works for the implementation of the project ‘The Gas Interconnection Poland–Lithuania’, the goal of which is to integrate the isolated gas markets of the Baltic Countries into the EU common market of natural gas, to diversify the gas supply sources and routes. For more information about the project please see here.

Implementing the investment projects and operating in a strictly regulated environment, AB Amber Grid makes a rational and efficient use of all available resources and the EU assistance funds, thus creating favorable conditions for a successful operation of the national economy and the well-being of Lithuania’s consumers.

The projects are implemented with a view to an effective operation of the system, the needs of consumers, the environmental and occupational safety and health policy of AB Amber Grid and the Republic of Lithuania as well as the EU legal provisions regulating activities of gas transmission system operators and the natural gas sector.

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