Natural Gas Transmission System Operator
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AB Amber Grid operates approximately 2.1 thousand km of high-pressure gas transmission pipelines (diameter up to 1,200 mm) located throughout Lithuania.

Ever more frequent have become underground gas pipeline operations disruptions caused by excavation works arrangers’ failure to comply with the regulations when carrying out excavation works, to which representatives of AB Amber Grid were either not invited at all, or, alternatively, AB Amber Grid representatives’ instructions regarding precautionary measures were not duly followed, and there were even cases where the arrangers of the excavation works had no information about the presence of underground gas pipelines in the excavation site. The consequences of such incidents include gas supply interruptions causing risk to human life and property, liability charges against the persons responsible for the damage (damage done to gas pipelines, gas losses, etc.). Similar incidents also occur where unauthorized construction works are carried out. In all cases, prior to undertaking any excavation works, it is necessary to make sure that the prospective site of the excavation works and adjacent area are free from engineering utilities and that the prospective excavation site is not subject to land use restrictions.

With a view to averting such violations in the future and seeking to ensure safety, please be reminded that Transmission Gas Pipeline Protection Zone covers:

  • 25 meters on both sides of gas transmission (over 16 bar) pipeline axis.

Without a prior notification of AB Amber Grid, in Gas Pipeline Protection Zones the following activities are prohibited:

  • carrying out of any construction works;
  • planting trees and shrubs;
  • excavating deeper than 0.3 m;
  • storing building materials and other materials;
  • excavating and deepening of ditches, etc.

It is also necessary to know that construction works may be subject to restrictions, depending on the quantity of prospective constructions, height thereof and other factors within a distance of 200 meters from the axis to the both sides of the gas transmission pipeline, and 300 m from M&R stations.

When carrying out excavation works, it is necessary to comply with:

  1. the Construction Technical Regulation STR 1.07.02:2005 "Earthwork," as approved by the Minister of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania Order No. D1-629 as of 21 December 2005;
  2. the Gas Transmission Pipelines Protection Rules approved by the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania Order No.1-213 of 16 July 2010 (Official Gazette, 2010, No. 87-4625).

Before the start of earthworks one shall:

  1. obtain a permit for the construction or approvals by municipal or state authorities (where respective documents are required);
  2. coordinate the description and the scheme of the performance of the earthworks (where a construction design is not required);
  3. from AB Amber Grid obtain a permit to carry out works (where earthworks need to be carried out in the Gas Pipeline Protection Zone);
  4. with at least five full business day’s notice, invite an authorized representative of AB Amber Grid to participate in the earthworks. It is also necessary to invite a representative of AB Amber Grid where in the course of the excavation works any pipelines that were not shown in the drawings are detected.

To obtain a permit to carry out works, to coordinate descriptions and schemes for the execution of earthworks, to invite a representative of AB Amber Grid, please contact:


address Gudeliu g. 49, Room No. 208 (Secretariat), Tel. No. (8 5) 236 0303, e-mail:


address Verslo g. 11, Maksvytiskiu Village, Panevezys District (Secretariat), Tel. No. (8 45) 50 2760, e-mail:

Please find the information regarding the documents you need to submit.

If you suspect a natural gas pipeline has been damaged, call the general emergency number 112 (calls are free).

AB Amber Grid Dispatch Centre
Tel. No. (8 5) 236 0121, 236 0122
Mobile 8 699 07301


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