Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and we are proud of being able to contribute to a cleaner environment.


The gas transmission system is monitored 24 hours a day, thus ensuring the utmost safety.


In our daily work we use state-of-the art technologies ensuring effective operations and top quality of services.


Many years of experience and sensibility to customer needs guarantee success of our cooperation.


21 01.2021
On the coldest days, the consumption of natural gas for heat production doubled

On the coldest days from 14 to 18 January Lithuanian consumers consumed up to 2 times more, and in some cases up to several times more natural gas than in the first days of January. 

15 01.2021
Amber Grid: record growth in gas transmission to the Baltics and increased gas consumption in Lithuania

In 2020 Amber Grid transported 33 TWh of gas to consumers in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland, apart from gas transmission to Kaliningrad Oblast. Even though winter was warmer last year, it is a 12% increase compared to 2019, when 29.5 TWh of natural gas was transported for the needs of...

12 01.2021
Amber Grid to allocate close to EUR 2 million to modernise important elements of the gas transmission system

Amber Grid will digitise control of the Jauniūnai gas compressor station in Širvintos District and will install a new gas transmission system security element in the gas pipeline in Marijampolė District.