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31 03.2021
Amber Grid: The act of completing the first phase of the GIPL construction has been received

Amber Grid, the gas transmission system operator implementing the gas pipeline project connecting Lithuania and Poland, has received confirmation from the State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate that the first stage of GIPL construction has been completed properly and the...

23 03.2021
Jūratė Marcinkonienė has been appointed as CEO of GET Baltic, a subsidiary of Amber Grid

The Board of GET Baltic, a subsidiary of the Lithuanian gas transmission system operator Amber Grid, has temporarily appointed Jūratė Marcinkonienė, Chairwoman of the Board of GET Baltic, as the Chief Executive Officer of the company as of 13 April 2021. As the CEO of GET Baltic, Jūratė...

24 02.2021
Two thirds of GIPL interconnection underwent load testing

During the construction of the gas interconnection Poland - Lithuania GIPL, 102 km of the laid new gas interconnection have been tested. The total length of the gas pipeline is 165 km. Conducted hydraulic tests proved the pipeline to withstand maximum pressure loads planned. GIPL gas pipeline...